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Per Alexander Brattbakk Uldalen was born in 1962 in the land of Heggedal(died 2010).

Per was a famous hockey player from Heggdal, he started his career in Frisk Asker, then he went to Holmen, and then NHL. He has several national matches for the national team at Heggedal. Per was also seen as an addict and died of an overdose of cannabis. After he quit his hockey career, he became an important drug deal for Gjermund Cappelen. Per was most famous for selling to children who went to Heggedal Primary School. He also negotiated with Pablo Escobar from time to time. Per is also the founder of the world-famous strip club: Uldalens Ut and Inn + Drugs for toddlers.

Hockey career[rediger]

Per started as 4 years old to play for Frisk Asker. But afterwards he thought he was too good for Frisk, so he decided to switch to Holmen. There he made great progress with the team, and a few years later he was drafted to NHL as pick one. He played for the famous team New York Rangers.

He also became the captain of the national team of Heggedal who came to last place in the Olympics since he was the only player there.

After 15 years in New York Rangers, the Uldalen was thrown out of the team because he drove and sent several of his teammates to coma. Fil:Https://

Drug Career[rediger]

After the hockey career ended, Per found comfort in drugs. And only two years later he was Gjermund Cappelens second-largest. On the black market he got the name "Pabu the drug lord". In 1989, Per was charged with 350 kills on children because of the drug he sold them were too strong. He was sentenced to death, but on his way to death he escaped. Per was hunted by the CIA and the Norwegian police. But since he hid in Heggedal, they could not arrest him. He became prime minister in Heggedal in the same year, and he made Heggedal the largest drug nation in the world. Per died in 2008 by overdose. After his death, Heggedal became part of Norway.

Time as prime minister[rediger]

During the elections in 1989 there were two candidates who could be elected, it was drug Lord Uldalen and Sondre Linnestad. Unfortunately, Sondre mysteriously disappeared in the midst of the election. He was found in Heggedalselva in 2015, in a plastic bag.

Per became government ministries, and the first thing he did was to cut everything out of farm, so everything would be turned into drug plantations. The population in Heggedal had never been so happy before, and the population increased by 300% in five years.

Per ruled with hard rules, all who went against him was being sent to OEC (Oslo's execution centreal) where they lived their last days. Others who could deserve such a punishment are: feminists, unemployed, retirees, and generally people he did not like. In OEC you could get the following penalties: Hanging, throat, electric chair and drowning. But the worst punishment of all was to be sent to Vollen

After a year as prime minister, Per realized that he needed help to manage Heggedal. He realized he was in need of a fellow prime minister. Therefore he asked his higher hand, William Smørvik Sivertsen, as co-prime minister. William has always been there for Per when he struggles so this was the least he could do in return. William had an acurate come out of prison for driving a car into the former government building in a terrorist campaign.