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Merk: Denne tråden har ikke blitt redigert på 3764 dager. Den blir sett på som arkivert - diskusjonen er over. Ikke svar på tråden hvis den ikke trenger et svar.
This is no voting for anything. It's just a petition to have Uncyclomedia projects liberated from Wikia for ever. Read the text from my letter carefully and say if you agree or not. No one is compulsory to agree, but the more people who agree, the merrier it is to convince Wikia Inc.

I hope many of you will support this. This is very important if we don't want to have Wikia involved in our projects ever again. Thank you | Cartoonist | I Romsdal sæ me i! kontakt | Wikia smiley.gif | 24. jun 2010 kl. 12:58 (UTC)
This is an official letter from UnMeta to Wikia.

Dear Wikia Staff,

Since 2006 has assisted the Uncyclopedia-concept in multilingual coordination, it has served as a central wiki to request adoptions and creations of new languages. Sadly, Uncyclopedia moved to Wikia, but Wikia abused (and still does) the concept by giving people the opportunity to create new languages and by commercialising the concept. That was no part of the deal. The umbrella organisation is Uncyclomedia (often abbreviated as UnMeta), Wikia stole Uncyclomedia’s role for its commercial purposes. Also, Wikia just took over Uncyclopedia’s domain name .org. As Wikia is commercial, the company has no right to use such domains. Unfortunately, indeed, many wikis moved to Wikia and new languages were created on it. Many people got very angry about this injustice against Uncyclomedia and some Uncyclomedia users started up, where they posted their complaints about Wikia. I refer to the license Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Generic, that the work may not be used for commercial purposes. The ‘work’ also includes de concept itself, so Wikia is not even allowed to create new languages.

I, CartoonistHenning, have had very bad experiences with, according to the fact that I made a lot of efforts to let close some copied Uncyclopedias/Illogicopedias in other languages. The Uncyclopedia-concept is meant to be a Wikipedia parody, which also includes the freedom of ads (non-commercial), the freedom of users (bureaucrats cannot do on their wiki what they want to do) and the default skin (no Monaco). On page two of this letter I explain why Wikia Inc. never deserved the acquisition of the Uncyclopedia-concept.

Therefor we postulate that the abandoned Uncyclopedias in other languages on Wikia will be removed and that Wikia will no more accept new Uncyclopedias in other languages. Wikia should no more be involved with the Uncyclopedia-concept in other languages, except the wikis that asked for a move and that are active on Wikia. The same goes for another non-commercialised project, like the Illogicopedia-group, which will not be afflicted by Wikia anymore, despite the rude copy which is today called Wackypedia. To make sure that this requirement is confirmed by Uncyclomedia users - who share the same opinion -, people can read this document too and tell in a forum if they agree, like a petition.


Henning VD, CartoonistHenning

-- page 2 --

Reasons and arguments why Wikia does not care about a project concept, but only (ab)uses projects to make money out of them and the people.

§1. The agreement concerning the hosting is unilaterally enforced:
Once people want to make a new language of the Uncyclopedia-concept, for instance, (ignorant of the truth about the fact that Uncyclomedia is the real hosting) they make a domain for free on Wikia, but they do not realise that A: they commercialise the name of (the) Uncyclopedia(-concept); B: if they do not want to have the Uncyclopedia-version on Wikia anymore, they are planning to move, or they start realising Wikia commercialises the concept in a unfair way, it is too late to start over again. Wikia let projects never go and (ab)uses the Wikia wiki as a direct competition, kept by Wikia users who requested the adoption for the wiki. The content of the abandoned wiki will remain, so Wikia does not give people the freedom in what they do. Users should read a kind of manual before creating a wiki on Wikia. But no, the green inviting button above each wiki “create a new wiki” leads you directly to the creation scheme, without any warnings. C: they even have never heard about the Uncyclomedia Foundation, because Wikia is so predominant in Google, that they didn’t find any information about the real organisation. This is actually all about selling your soul to the devil: once in Wikia, never out.
§2. Wikia is playing a game with people when they talk about the ‘community’:
“Our community wants you; we are happy to see you joining our community...” and nonsense. This horse manure is a typical trick to attract people to Wikia. The company claims that you and your early community will be safe with your Uncyclopedia-version and you and your community can decide everything on your project. In fact, Wikia means with ‘community’ something totally different than you expected: the community is the team of janitors and staff members who control you, your wiki and your community to lead everything like ‘they’ want to. A clear example is the complaint according to a fight between User:D. G. Neree and User:Manticore about home rules on the creator’s wiki, a complaint which can be found on Janitors and staff members just come over to your wiki and do inappropriate edits. Administrators are chosen in the understanding that they know the wiki’s general policy very well, but these janitors and staff members do not seem to worry about that wiki’s policy. They have their own rules, haven’t they? It appears that Wikia has a goal to become the largest communistic society on planet Earth, as they claim to love a big and grand community of hard working people, but actually gain money on these volunteers, who eventually have nothing as compensation (except irritating ads, no freedom in ruling their wiki like they want, etc...). Maybe you can interpret ‘community’ in two different ways, as following: - a large group of volunteers that is oppressed by the company, to make as much money out of them as Wikia can. You will join this ‘community’ and be a small part of the commercial company yourself, without receiving any compensation for it. That is why Wikia wants you. - Wikia itself, which includes the staff, the janitors and everyone who gets paid for the volunteer’s work. The ‘community’ decides? Certainly not: the staff members and janitors do!
§3. Wikia has no respect for the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license:
I will not explain it over and over again. The license does not allow to use/copy non-profit organisations for commercial purposes. Wikia Inc. is commercial. Obviously, Wikia is a very crafty business.

Er du enig med teksten?

Svar med JA, hvis du er det. Hvis du ikke er enig, ikke svar. Alle registrerte brukere kan delta i denne underskriftskampanjen. Denne blir avsluttet 8. juli.


Dette blir som å skvette vann på gåsa. Har ingen tro på at dette når fram. Dessuten reagerte jeg litt på uttalelsen It appears that Wikia has a goal to become the largest communistic society on planet Earth, as they claim to love a big and grand community of hard working people, but actually gain money on these volunteers, who eventually have nothing as compensation. Vel jeg er selvfølgelig enig i at hele Wikia virker kommunistisk og at på lik linje med Google ønsker verdensherredømme, men å skrive det så direkte i et slikt brev til Wikia, tror jeg blir feil. Det er slike utsagn som gjør at man ikke blir tatt seriøst.
Totalt sett er jeg enig i det du skriver, men føler likevel ikke noen trang til å skrive under da jeg ikke støtter måten enkelte ting er ytret i brevet. --Howie! | Krangel | Bidrag | Æ e konge! | 24. jun 2010 kl. 13:20 (UTC)

Hvis vi ikke si hva vi tror, blir vi heller ikke tatt seriøst. Jeg vet at denne linkingen virker veldig uhøffelig, men de har aldri vært noe sympatisk med Uncyclomedia prosjektene heller. Dette er vår sjanse å bli kvitt av Wikias innblandinger for evig. Hvis dette ikke får støtte, er vi uansett tapt | Cartoonist | I Romsdal sæ me i! kontakt | Wikia smiley.gif | 24. jun 2010 kl. 13:43 (UTC)
Jeg er ikke helt inne på Wikia og deres bedrifter, men jeg skriver under likevel... -Slettefantomet Paddekaka 24. jun 2010 kl. 15:01 (UTC)

Nei, hva skal man si til dette? Annet enn å ønske initiativtager lykke til og god bedring? Wikia ler seg skakke av dette hele vegen til banken. De er en helkommersiell (eller helkommunistisk om du vil) organisasjon som gir blanke i slike grasrotopprør. Så til det endelige spørsmålet som inititativtaker ikke sier noen om: «What's in it for us?» --Jaf  (IP hacked by Steam ID) 1. jul 2010 kl. 20:32 (UTC)

Så kan du skrive under med det samme? Cartoonist | I Romsdal sæ me i! kontakt | Wikia smiley.gif | 2. jul 2010 kl. 21:14 (UTC)